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 Long time no see!

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PostSubject: Long time no see!    Fri Feb 03, 2017 3:50 am

Hey everyone, it's Dan. I'd like to inform you that most of the well known people on this site (EclipseDarkz, Taj, SickSouls, and Neko,) have our own discord server! The only reason why I bring this up is because it would be nice to have friends, both new and old, join the server. For new people, it's an active discord server with people talking more often; for the old members that have stayed with this site for a long time, it means a chance to rekindle some old bonds. I know this seems a but rude to come back to the site and start advertising a discord server, but the reality here is that this site is hardly active and we want to let our old friends and potential new ones that we are alive and well and socializing. We still have a love for pokemon especially now with the release of sun and moon, but we also often talk about other things like smash, monster hunter, fire emblem, overwatch, memes, and among other things. If interested, please follow the ling at the bottom of this post; if not, I understand. I speak for myself that I have enjoyed my time here at circle and loved the friends I made here, and it saddens me to see that I may never see them again. Please consider the offer and we hope to reunite or start a new friendship. If you wish to stay here though and continue to work here, I do not mind if you remove me from Elite 4 status and I'm sure the others would not mind either.


If you wish to PM me on discord, my username is NintendoDan64 #9820

See you guys soon, hopefully  :Meta:
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Long time no see!
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